Life At Lakewood

Lakewood was developed to be completely different than any other sober living in Dallas. We teach a curriculum (see "Who Are We?" page) that we feel gives our residents the best chance at success. We promote tried-and-true strategies and life skills. We have a “grow or go” policy. We are always aiming higher, we never get complacent. 

Everyone has their own bedroom, their own private space. Early days of sobriety can be tough. When the drugs and the alcohol are removed, we are left with only ourselves which can be an uncomfortable place. There will be tough days when our residents come home from meeting with their therapist or sponsor; having their own space to process thoughts is healthy. You cannot isolate yourself in our house, but when you need your privacy, you have it. 

We have taken away the stigma of living in a transition house. Our house is just like any other house in the neighborhood. Living here feels right. 


Our Community - Respect, Privacy & Safety

At Lakewood Recovery we are a brotherhood. We are a band of men who, having been humbled by our addictions, have been brought together with a goal of becoming permanently sober. Our residents develop deep relationships with one another and our staff, and as such, accountability is more intensive than larger programs. 

By joining our community, you can expect:

Custom Treatment Plans

Family Coaching

Your Own Private Room

Food - Snacks & Beverages

One-On-One Counseling

In-House Big Book Step Study

Recovery Coaching

Morning Meditation 


AA / CA / DAA / Smart Recovery meetings

Sunday Family Dinner 

Dallas Professional Sporting Events / College Sporting Events

And the list goes on.