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How to Tell If You’re an Addict

How to Tell If You’re an Addict

Many people use drugs and alcohol to get relief from depression, pain or other feelings. Consider these signs that you may have an addiction problem.

Mot Hai Ba

Mot Hai Ba Modern Vietnamese 


At Lakewood Recovery we have many restaurants within walking distance from our house. One in particular that I just went to is a small Vietnamese restaurant called Mot Hai Ba. Let me tell you this place was amazing. It’s located across the street from Buzz Brews, where Live Oak Street and Skillman Street split. If you are not looking for it, you might miss it. It’s a gem. D magazine has rated it one of Dallas' 50 best restaurants.

Usually you would need to have a reservation to get in but on this particular night they had two seats open. A stroke of good luck considering the restaurant only seats about 30 people and it was a weekend. It’s small, quaint and cozy and the majority of the seating available is at shared, long dining tables. 

We started with the fried oysters - lemongrass caramel, papaya, and thai chili sauce. The chef, Peja Krstic, served us himself and explained the dish before hurrying back into the kitchen. This Eastern European chef absolutely knows how to cook modern Vietnamese cuisine.

For dinner we shared the seared duck and the green curry chicken. The food looked like art work and tasted even better. The duck was perfectly cooked, seared on the outside, slightly rare on the inside. The green curry wasn’t your standard coconut curry sauce with bell peppers and small pieces of chicken. It was a whole chicken breast with grilled vegetables and a small amount of green curry underneath. The only thing I regret about this meal is that I did not arrive hungrier. Had I known it was going to be such an amazing meal I may have skipped lunch. The service was fantastic and if you like Vietnamese and have never tried this place, it is a must.

I have included a link to Mot Hai Ba below and pictures from our dinner.

By: Zachary Rakusin