Five Ways to Take it “One Day at a Time” At Lakewood Recovery

Five Ways to Take it “One Day at a Time” At Lakewood Recovery


The phrase “one day at a time” is widely used in recovery communities across the world. For addicts and alcoholics, the basic point of taking each day “one at a time” is to alleviate the anxiety we may have about giving up drinking and drugging for “the rest of our lives.” By focusing on the current day in which we now exist, we can focus our energy in recovery on the here and now. Rather than living in the regret of our past or the unknown worries of our future, we can take baby steps toward our final goal–life-long sobriety–by addressing our struggles day-by-day. 

Newly sober people are not very skilled at taking things “one day at a time.” I can remember how overwhelmed I felt when I first got sober – I felt like I needed to “fix” all the damage I’d caused all at once to “make it better” as quickly as possible. At the same time, I felt like I needed to plan for my future so I could make the best, most successful decisions moving forward. The overwhelming sense of needing to clean up my past in order to catch up to my future sent my head spinning. And what did I do when my head started spinning? Open up that bottle and start drinking!

Just like we need a sponsor to guide us through the steps if we are working a 12 step program, we also need a leader, confidant, or counselor to guide us through our daily lives as newly sober addicts.  This is where Lakewood Recovery comes in – the guys at Lakewood have “been there, done that,” and know how frustrating it is to try to slow down our lives so we can make decisions on what best suits us day by day. 

Here are 5 ways in which living at Lakewood can help you learn to live “one day at a time”:

1.    Private bedrooms – better sleep + less stress = easier decision-making.

2.    1 on 1 counseling and therapy – licensed, trained therapists + advice from fellow addicts = constant reminders to live life in the present moment.

3.    Accountability – Less family worry + consistency at meetings = continuing sobriety that builds confidence and trust in one’s own ability to stay sober.

4.    Exercise – Healthy body + healthy mind = healthy decision-making.

5.    Fun – No judgment + lack of boredom + friends + laughs + love = continued support, building a community of trust.

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