4 Reasons To Choose Lakewood Recovery As Your Sober Living

Sober living Dallas – 4 reasons to choose Lakewood Recovery for Sober living  

1. Private Bedrooms

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It’s not a secret anymore; we are VERY proud of our private bedrooms here at Lakewood Recovery. They do serve a very REAL purpose. Recovering men need space and privacy to successfully navigate the ups and downs of early sobriety. Our clients end up staying longer because their living situation is roomy and comfortable. Each bedroom has its own 50 inch HD television, matching bedroom furniture set, queen sized beds, luxury sheets, spacious closets, and separate sitting/reading/meditation areas. In our own experiences, being crammed into tiny bedrooms with single beds was NOT conducive to restful nights and productive days. You don’t have to listen to anyone else snore when you’re at Lakewood!

2. It Feels Like Home

Lakewood feels like any other house in an upscale Dallas neighborhood. This is not your typical sober home. When you walk into Lakewood, you don’t feel like you’ve entered a “man cave” or a “frat house” environment. It’s clean… really, really clean! You feel like you’ve entered a place that’s comfortable, welcoming, warm, friendly, and will help you easily transition into your new sober life. You will be able to cook whatever you want (within reason) in our state-of-the-art kitchen, and you can even utilize the grill out on the patio. With both formal and casual living rooms and a cozy breakfast nook, you won’t have any problem finding space outside your bedroom to work on your laptop, read, or meditate. 

3. We Genuinely Care About Your Sobriety  

Our #1 goal at Lakewood is to KEEP YOU SOBER by giving you the right tools to succeed. We do this by encouraging morning meditations and prayer, providing you with counselors, keeping you accountable with meeting attendance, and talking to you one-on-one about your journey every step of the way. We encourage you to get out of the house and participate in life; men at Lakewood typically return to work or get a job, acquire a new hobby, work out at the gym (membership provided), meet new friends at meetings, and even attend family functions. 


4. We Make Your Stay At Lakewood Worth It

Here’s the thing; we want you to stay sober, one day at a time, for the rest of your life. A recovery residence is the perfect place to hone your craft. Because we have a small community, you get to actually put into practice the skills that you learn, and get direct, constructive feedback daily. At Lakewood, you aren’t just a “resident” or “client” – we consider you a member of the Lakewood Family. We want to see you go to bed every night with gratitude, not regret… and we want to see you wake up every morning with hope, not despair. We all eat together at family dinner on Sunday nights to build fellowship and laugh together. Sometimes, we even play golf, get pizza, throw the football around, play racket ball, jog, play with the cats, and watch movies together… because, at the end of the day, being sober should not be boring or limiting. At Lakewood, we want you to have fun in sobriety while you work toward becoming the best version of your true self. 


We know there are many recovery homes in Dallas to choose from. Lakewood Recovery isn’t apples to apples with anyone. If you are interested in seeing how we do recovery at Lakewood, please come by and see meet us first hand! Call or email us to set up a tour!

Jay Staples & Zach Rakusin

1 (800) 413-1847

Jay@lakewoodrecovery.com or Zach@lakewoodrecovery.com