3 Unexpected Benefits of a Sober Life at Lakewood Recovery

Three Unexpected Benefits of a Sober Life at Lakewood Recovery


Whether you’re brand new to sobriety, or you’re ready to hop back on the saddle after a relapse (or two or three), the staff at Lakewood Recovery wants to encourage you to live your best life. Why? Because there’s so much more to a life of sobriety than just staying sober! Here are 3 unexpected benefits that residents may experience while at Lakewood:

1.     Renewed Physical Health:

At Lakewood, residents will be pleasantly surprised to see positive changes to their physical health. Previous residents have experienced weight loss, energy restoration, stamina/cardio renewal, and even strength building. This is because Lakewood residents are strongly encouraged to exercise. Residents can spend time outside walking, running, biking, or playing sports at one of the many nearby parks. There’s a beautiful, 9+ mile trail around White Rock Lake, which connects to the 4+ mile Santa Fe Trail that runs through historical East Dallas. Residents also have memberships to any gym of their choosing using Class Pass. Bulk box gyms, spin class, pilates, yoga, cross fit; whatever your liking. Lakewood is within walking distance to Sunstone Fit (a functional fitness/Yoga Studio), White Rock Cross-Fit, and Orange Theory. Along with regular exercise, the staff also encourages healthy eating habits at Lakewood. We know first-hand that our bodies are craving nutrition after years of deprivation, junk food, and alcohol/drug abuse. With healthy nutritional direction and countless ways to get fit, the physical changes to a newly sober resident will be evident in a very short amount of time.  

2.     A Community of Like-Minded, Sober Friends:

Another benefit of living at Lakewood is automatic access to a community of like-minded men. The staff at Lakewood Recovery have worked hard to surround themselves with friends and mentors who are eager to welcome newly sober residents into their sober circles. Residents will meet people on a weekly basis who have experienced the hurdles one will likely encounter in early sobriety. These are people that residents will be able to call on should they need encouragement, direction, or just someone to meet up with for coffee. It’s important for our new residents to know that they aren’t alone; others have lived through the pain, and have come out on the other side to show others how they prevailed. But don’t worry… the conversation is not always serious. Like most alcoholics, the staff likes to have fun! Therefore, the staff often invites residents out to dinner, to the movies, the mall, the park, or even to sober gatherings around town.

3.     A Better Mood – Less Depression & Less Anxiety:

After only a few weeks at Lakewood Recovery, previous residents have reported that they have felt an increase in overall optimism, and that their anxiety and depression levels have lessened. Of course, these are the residents who follow the suggestions of the Lakewood Staff, and are open to working a purposeful program of action and attending corresponding meetings. As recovered alcoholics themselves, the Staff knows all too well that stifling, debilitating fear, anger, and sadness that follows shortly after getting sober. But they also know the best way to tackle those feelings head-on. With the help of a therapist (provided by Lakewood), residents will be able to identify the source of the anxiety and depression, and learn useful ways to combat it. 

By Dana M.

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