4 reasons a private, single room is better for your recovery

Let’s face it, recovery can be difficult. 

Your recovery when you first get sober is fragile and can be threatened if you’re not in the right environment or don’t have the right support. 

Many sober-living homes in Dallas make you bunk with two or even four people in the same room. If one of your roommates are not working on their recovery, it can make the road for your recovery that much more difficult. 

To make matters worse, if you’re living with someone who is unhealthy, you’ll never escape them. You risk their unhealthy spirit ruining your blooming psyche in recovery. 

Here are four things to consider when picking a sober-living home. 

  1. Private room — Lakewood Recovery believes that sobriety should help you grow. Sometimes we need space for that. Sometimes we need solitude. While keeping up an active community in the house, it can be essential to find some “me time” to face and get rid of the things blocking is from your higher power, which brings us to our next point. 

  2. Quiet time with God — You can meditate and have quiet time with your God on your own terms in the privacy of your own room. Although we do have community activities and programs, we want to help you forage a real relationship with your higher power. Sometimes solitude and self reflection are important. Make sure your sober living home has an option for personal reflection. 

  3. Sobriety EnhancementIt’s not our job to keep you sober. It’s our job to enhance the sobriety you are working on and give you the environment and tools to make your sobriety better. This small shift in perspective is what makes Lakewood Recovery so unique. Some places — and rightfully so — help people stay sober for just one more day. And although that is needed at times, it’s not our primary focus. We are here to help you enhance and improve your overall sobriety and live to a new potential. When checking on a sober-living home, make sure they enhance your sobriety and do not merely keep you where you are.

  4. People Serious About Recovery — As discussed in the beginning of this blog article, make sure people are serious about their recovery in the house. We have a “grow or go” policy. We are always aiming higher, we don’t get complacent. If the people around you are not serious about recovery, eventually it will rub off on you, too. Make sure the community is strong and you will have a great support group.

Picking the right sober home is critical and can be a costly mistake or a great decision. 

If you’re looking for a place that has private rooms, helps you enhance your sobriety and is a place for people serious about recovery, Lakewood Recovery should be your sober-living home.