The Greatest Teacher

The Greatest Teacher by William McKinney


So many points in my life I’ve started something and when I’m not good at it right away, I quit. I need immediate gratification. I rob myself of the opportunity to grow. It was not until I got sober that I realized that I only grow through pain. More importantly, I learn the most out of my failures. In that sense, there really is no such thing as failure, only growth opportunities.  Without it, I can’t adapt, learn, and grow. Failure is really just experience. The more I experience, the more I grow. It is the greatest teacher.

Life plays out in unpredictable ways. I may not suited for the same things that others are, but I learn. I grow. I adapt. Character is built through failure; better put, through growth opportunities. Will I face my obstacles head-on or will I quit? Quitting is learned, and can become a habit. A habit that destroys character. Strive for greatness in everything and let life be the teacher. It opens one up to being able to appreciate the successes and creates compassion for those striving for the same success. It creates humility. Success is not a race. Be patient, and learn from life.

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