Are you looking for a private room with the accountability of an upscale sober-living facility in Dallas?

If this sounds familiar, you might need a private sober living experience at Lakewood Recovery:

  • Want privacy but cannot find a place where you can get your own room.

  • You want better amenities and better facilities.

  • You want to be in a place where people are serious about their recovery.

  • You want a program that complements and enlarges your recovery program.

Get a Private Room at Lakewood Recovery

Imagine working on your sobriety with a private room and a place that has a program that will enhance your recovery program. You’re recovery would be improved.

  • You won’t be around other men who are not serious about their recovery.

  • You will have a disciplined approach to your recovery that will complement your sobriety program.

  • With your private room, you will get a custom treatment plan from professional staff.

Lakewood Recovery Has Helped Many Professionals Just Like You

We offer a broad range of services for our residents, like custom and tailored treatment plans. We are a band of men who, having been humbled by our addictions, have been brought together with a goal of becoming permanently sober. Our residents develop deep relationships with one another and our staff, and as such, accountability is more intensive than larger programs. 

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Want professional recovery and great amenities?

Get your own room, live with other professionals, and work on making your recovery better.